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I say „baby, just make me cum,Then don’t make a sound”

I could give a fuck about no hater, long as my bitches love me


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Gata, m-am indragostit

I am in real love with ..

my12_sportster_iron_blackdenim     HARLEY DAVIDSON BLACK IRON 883

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Your love, my dreams

My thoughts are falling dead ..


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Love is..

..supporting each other in old age sau mai bine ne luam carje 😀


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Love is in the air- yup i’m blind!

Cred ca de la caldura asta parca toata lumea e prea lipicioasa, prea iubareata, cica dragostea pluteste in aer – eu vad doar o caldura maxima si praf, cred ca stau prost cu vederea 🙂 aduceti-mi repede ochelarii de soare 😀 ca eu va dau un metal de dragoste iubaretilor!

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I´m psycho, i should be put behind bars

” I hate to be in love

 I don´t like being fine

 When I´m at worst

 Is when I really feel alive

 I can´t stand to see

You happy people smile

 Cause I´m a killer

 I would love to make you cry!!
Bring Me Everyone

 I need to hurt someone

 I´ll give you love, then I turn you down

 My work here, it´s done
They say I´m psycho

 I should be put behind bars,

 That I am damaged

 And my soul is full of scars

 You shiny people

You should never come this far

 Cause I´m a killer

 I got murder in my heart.”

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Would you „poof” and disappear ?

Could you love me in a Bentley?

Could you love me on a bus?

I’ll ask 21 questions, and they all about us .

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